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turning into an ABG (asian baby girl) couple w/ my boyfriend 🐉✨

#couple tiktoks #kbeauty #abg #vietnamese #Howto & Style
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turning myself into an ABG (asian baby girl) transformation & ABB (asian baby boy) transformation!
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s o c i a l s
instagram / jazzyle
martin’s insta / martincortel
twitter / jjazzyle.
tik tok / jazzy_le
o u t f i t d e e t z
yellow gingham dress / https://rstyle.me/+E4URjWA6INP0oL53lhWIIQ (on sale atm !!)
mini purse / https://rstyle.me/+IWsLbyVIcLXbMvgd-vwB6g
martin’s sweater / https://rstyle.me/+WkUayKum3TDlPo39OQye4g
temporary tattoos / https://amzn.to/31vDLYv
ponytail extension / inh hair
s o m e m u s i c
outro: ninjoi. - Acceptance https://thmatc.co/?l=CEBCBDEE
f a q’ s
age - 19
editor & camera / final cut pro x & canon g7x mark II
ethnicity / 100% vietnamese
business inquiries / jazzygleamfutures.com
.。*゚+.*.。 see ya next time! ily ゚+..。*゚+
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jazzy le photo 1 turning into an ABG (asian... jazzy le photo 2 turning into an ABG (asian... jazzy le photo 3 turning into an ABG (asian... jazzy le photo 4 turning into an ABG (asian...

heellloo party people! so sorry i havent uploaded a video in a bit, life's been hard lately. BUTTT i hope u like the video (even tho the intro is a bit cheesy and silly i still like it hehe) i had a blast filming w my boo <3 hehe ok bye ily

by jazzy le 1 month ago

She ain’t a Walmart version of best dressed she is so gorgeous and both of them are gorgeous

by LifewithJessi 1 month ago

badass parents! Shaun is so lucky 🥺

by linh truong 1 month ago

that one dislike from the girl who thought the mole was chocolate
guow 446 likes thx ♥︎

by strawberry sheep 1 month ago

Her boyfriend in the beginning: 😏🔫⛓🔪

by earthtotiti 1 month ago


by livia c 1 month ago

I can’t believe she was uncomfortable in that ABG outfit. The second she revealed it I couldn’t believe how good she looked. Like seriously SHE WAS KILLING IT.

by RI pronounced REE 1 month ago

"token asian in all white frat" "won't shut up abt hard summer" "vapes for breakfast" why do I know this person lmfaooo

by KB 1 month ago

This just goes to show that not every couple on YouTube is fake like this is real and I -💞💞💞👉🏽👈🏽🥺

by Eileen Gander 1 month ago

bruh this editing is so innovative. I know jazzy gets compared to bestdressed a lot but imagine being this creative and skilled w/o a film degree. they are both such talented creators

by Ella Christiansen 1 month ago

“Walmart version of bestdressed” GIRL STOP YOURE BOTH AMAZING >:C

by Andrada Cioban 1 month ago

the video game editingggg
i suck at video games but that doesn’t mean i can’t indulge in the aesthetics lmao
(especially that intro hehe)

by studypeach 1 month ago

that transition gave me WHIPLASH, ,, , jazzy you snapped with the editing on this one 😳👌

by june ngu 1 month ago

Literally ur bf in the back on the bed is a MOOOOOOOD

by Olivia Maas 1 month ago

'says' awesome sauce' unironically' and 'softest boy' is the best matching don't need any abg

by What Do You Want 1 month ago

i totally relate to the lip teasing. i vividly remember being talked about on the bus and i was always the butt of everyone’s jokes. boys would literally make it a way to degrade each other by going “if you dated her you’d have to kiss fish lips”. the girls would laugh at my lips. now they overline theirs and use a ton of lip gloss to make them fuller. it confused me when it became a trend to have full lips, but eh. you grow to get used to it.

by lataefolia 1 month ago

Me finding out her birth name isn’t Jazzy it’s Jasmine: gasps in betrayal

by Maddie W 1 month ago

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