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Best Stocks To Buy Now?! (High Growth!) - 6 Stocks I Bought Today!

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Best Stocks To Buy Now?! (High Growth!) - 6 Stocks I Bought Today! All Stocks time-stamped in the description down below! Today I went ahead and picked up 6 stocks, one of them a new addition to the portfolio and the other five.. well they've my five biggest holdings.
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I personally love e-commerce stocks and tech stocks and think they have the potential to be some of the best long term growth stocks out there.
1:47 - Workhorse Stock / WKHS Stock
5:59 - Amazon Stock / AMZN Stock
8:06 - Microsoft Stock / MSFT Stock
9:23 - Alphabet Stock / Google Stock / GOOG Stock
11:03 - Facebook Stock / FB Stock
13:22 - Apple Stock / AAPL Stock
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Jack Spencer Investing photo 1 Best Stocks To Buy Now?!... Jack Spencer Investing photo 2 Best Stocks To Buy Now?!... Jack Spencer Investing photo 3 Best Stocks To Buy Now?!... Jack Spencer Investing photo 4 Best Stocks To Buy Now?!...

I was kind of surprised to hear you say that you would buy Amazon at any price, I agree that they are an amazing company but I am not ready to just pay any price for the business. Just out of curiosity, what methods do you use to find the intrinsic value of a company? Do you use EPS or free cash flow?

by The Icelandic Investor 1 month ago

After a successful investment, you've nothing to worry about, weather the rise and fall of economy or anything won't affect you, make your future brighter by making good investment โœ”๏ธ

by Johnathan Williams 1 month ago

Have you guys picked up any stocks this week yet? Let me know in the comments! Don't forget to hit that like button!

by Jack Spencer Investing 1 month ago

Nice update Jack, those stocks you just buy and forget.
I shared fundamental valuations on almost all of them ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

by Learning Finance 1 month ago

My question to you is, why is Facebook your favorite company in the world?

Funny how I just sold all my FB stock because I feel that company is poison and corrupts everything it touches. I went and bought Pinterest.

But I genuinely want to know why you like Facebook as a company (not the stock) that much?

by Couch Investor 1 month ago

I have all of those but Workhorse. I just bought 5 shares of Microsoft on the 2:59pm dip lol

by Trent Boyd 1 month ago

Love tech stocks, itโ€™s the future right now. 100% a good investment constant increase

by Lord Vader 1 month ago

lol i know the feeling jack, just dumped all my cash into the market in the last 24 hours. Mostly just renforcing the positions already in my portfolio but i al picked up some Powerfleet(PWFL)

by Jacob 4 weeks ago

They are al so damn expensive, i know tech is booming but fomo is here and then people get hurt. Goodluck everyone!

by CRC R 1 month ago

Hey Jack, great content! Has definitely helped me along my beginners journey in the stock market... Was just wondering what broker you use? I'm using Freetrade in the UK but only for long term buys, want to pick out a different broker for swing trading.

by Grigory Slipenchuk 1 month ago

Love the picks! Good reliable stocks and a the one spec play. Gotta have a little fun.

by SirGenesis206 1 month ago

Another great video mate! Just a question really! How do you feel about the high valuation on stocks at the moment and predominately those in the tech sector....I am in Microsoft and FB but what are you thoughts on this?

by George Button 1 month ago

Jack! I have that feeling each trading day! WHKS is down and is looking good to add to all of my additional specs $$

by Miguel Mendoza 1 month ago

i loaded up on more PM and MO today right before the increase today!

by Ben Perez 1 month ago

Started a position in Microsoft today! Long term solid company!

by Investing with Dean 1 month ago

Best thing I ever did. Poor old Netflix... Nobody wants Netflix anymore...

by Eric Skarl 1 month ago

The companies got free ad for month by saying they wont advertise

by Savvy Money Show 1 month ago

Jack, only discovered you on Thursday and love you already, well done and I'll be back! You're so genuine compared to so many other YouTubers, and I'm sure you'll do well

by Sophie Gist 3 weeks ago

didn't expect a double upload. went to sleep before I watched but here I am now

by WhatCanWe Learn 1 month ago

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