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King Penguins Poop So Much Laughing Gas Making Scientists Go Cuckoo

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Antarctica's king penguins emit such copious amounts of laughing gas.
via their faces that researchers went a little "cuckoo".
It has been discovered by a group of researchers and their scientific study published in Science of The Total Environment.
"Penguin guano produces significantly high levels of Laughing Gas around their colonies," said the head of the study, Professor Bo Elberling, of the University of Copenhagen's Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management.
While studying colonies of king penguins on the Atlantic island of South Georgia between South America and Antarctica, "the researchers went 'cuckoo' from being surrounded by penguin poop", he said.
Nitrous oxide (or N2O) is a colorless, odorless chemical compound that is commonly referred to as โ€œlaughing gasโ€ due to the euphoric side effects it has on humans.
It was first used to concoct surgical or dental anesthesia in the mid-1880s.
and continues to be used now for sedative purposes by medical professionals.
This study suggests that feces excreted by king penguins contain copious amounts of Laughing Gas (N2O). King penguins' nitrogen-rich diet of fish and krill makes their poop a potent source of Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide).
After nosing about in guano for several hours, one goes completely cuckoo..
One begins to feel ill and get a headache, the researchers finally concluded.
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Those are emperor penguins the king penguins actually have orange on them and are smaller

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