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Where Does India Stand In The Fight Against COVID19? | Newstrack With Rahul Kanwal

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As the country enters Day 5 of the 21-day lockdown, the number of coronavirus cases across the nation touched 1079. 20 new cases were reported from Kerala with country's death toll touching 28.
Meanwhile, earlier in the day, PM Modi apologised to Indians whose lives have been disrupted by the lockdown, but said the step was necessary to battle coronavirus.
So, the big question is lockdown working? Where does India stand in the fight?
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Banning international flights was the best way
But no single government did it
They have to pay a lot vide recession 2020.


Lesson learnt from Korea is test as much as possible they contained by massive testing programs India is yet to launch such program..lockdown has brought us time to stregthen our preparedness

by Kumar Atul 1 month ago

Call the arm forces & rescue the migrant workers by putting them in large stadiums, schools, colleges, etc now & start mass testing.I strongly feel that it will help a lot. This is not the time for apologizing.
I still pray that Ultra Violet Index remains high.I feel that it is because of UV Index that we are not witnessing any hight death rate in India yet. Call the army, the navy & the air force now.ACTION IS THE MAGIC WORD.

by sanjoo thangjam 1 month ago

I do hope people are realizing that the media is just bullsh!tting them!
149 cases... BUT how many people have been tested??
That's the trick to all of this: you want to keep the numbers low, then you do little testing.

by Tomas Viane 1 month ago

Why don't you sit properly and read news why are roaming

by Kuldeep Prajapati 1 month ago

It’s so low here cause no one is testing enough

by Cade Sky 1 month ago

I disagree what Brahma Mukherjee said that lockdown is not necessary. Lockdown is the magic wand to fight against virus.

by Darth Vader 1 month ago

Man India resting properly?? 149??! I cannot believe this just test test test even
More tests

by Patriot Hindustani 1 month ago

How can you compare ?
The number of tests done in India is very low
How can u decide the given count is the only cases present currently

by Bharath Kollanoor 1 month ago

As far as concerned about testing this is the main important thing which govt must to do more testing, without testing will be not able to reach any conclusions. Testing testing and testing is the only way of solution to restricted Covid-19.

by Md Mokhtar 1 month ago

You are the reason if india fails to control this crisis..

by Vilas o 1 month ago

These are his normal drama when he realises the mistakes. There was enough time to plan well and keep informed public about lock down so that lots of inconveniences could have been avoided..😥😥😥🤔🤔🤔

by Mrah 1 month ago

Get ready for apocalyptic positive cases of those migration workers within 10-14 days,lockdown doesn’t serve any purpose,now.Govt has ruined the core meaning plan of lockdown,due to improper mismanagement of the govt of post lockdown.

by Football news TV 1 month ago

Meme we are not testing properly and you compare us to those who are actually testing better than us.

by Swayam Sourav Tripathy 1 month ago

Skewed curve. Testing is NOT free but you have to pay for testing.
Prepare for when it becomes government mandated.

Hunker down and ride it out India.
God Bless

by Rohan Ghosh 1 month ago

we are known to shock and broke all models. just complacency in lower officials can wreak havoc... but lets stand together.

by MANPREET SINGH 1 month ago

WRONGGG! Behind every death there are 800- 1000 cases? The mortality rate is 2% so for 20 deaths, we are looking at 1000 cases. Why speak when you cant say the right things?

by Mriganka Chakravarty 1 month ago

Bilkul CHAMMA kreng
Ek br aaja SADAK p
SB pta chaljaeg

by shalashu 1 month ago

कोरोना: एक बहाणा

तुम कोशीश करके भी
धरती को सुधार ना सके
इतनी बुरी हालत के बादभी
तुम धरती माँ को बचा ना सके

कोरोना तो बस एक बहाणा ही है
जो तुम ना कर सके
वो धरती मा खुद कर रही है
वो खुद की रक्षा खुद कर रही है

आज लोग मर जुरूर रहे है
थोडा कडवा मगर सच है
शायद आज इसीसे सुकून है
कोरोना तो बस बहाणा है

धरती जितनी तुम्हारी

उतनी ही बाकी जीवो की है

कुछ दिनो पहले सुनी ना तुमणे

ऊन पंचियो की आवाज

ये घर उनका भी है

शायद ये सच बताने कोई आया है

कोरोना तो बस बहाणा है

- अभिजीत

by Abhijeet Gondane 1 month ago

But India is also not testing enough, we can not have high daily confirmed cases more than the number of daily test .

by Stephen Williams 1 month ago

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