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Will Umbrella Academy Face Sparrow Academy in Season 3?

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#SPOILERALERT: The cast of “The Umbrella Academy” helps us break down Season 2 and preview what's in store for Season 3.

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IMDb photo 1 Will Umbrella Academy Face Sparrow... IMDb photo 2 Will Umbrella Academy Face Sparrow... IMDb photo 3 Will Umbrella Academy Face Sparrow... IMDb photo 4 Will Umbrella Academy Face Sparrow...

Just finished watching it. Hopefully they won’t be. Probably not, since they have the same father and are also supposed to be the heroes. They probably have a bigger threat to deal with.

Great 2nd season. The actor playing “number 5” is brilliant

by luvyou baby 1 month ago

Damn how is there no one here yet

by Rick W 1 month ago

Just to clarify, they changed something in the past. I'm also wondering how Reggie is still alive even though he died. Remember the Alien Reggie? There's a possibility that the Alien Reggie is that Reggie. Lila didn't die in S2 right? There's also a chance Lila is a member of the Sparrow Academy.

by zKathx 1 month ago

I feel like sometime I need to go back and look very carefully at the interactions with Hargreeves and figure out what they told him. He's really smart so he probably figured out a lot based on what they told him and saved himself from death that way.

by fieldy409 1 month ago

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