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Donald Trump: the first thing Boris Johnson said to me is 'we need ventilators'

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Donald Trump said on Friday that he had a conversation with Boris Johnson, who has tested positive for coronavirus, and 'the first thing he said to me is: "We need ventilators"'. Trump mentioned Johnson 'asking for ventilators today' twice during the Coronavirus Task Force briefing
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Guardian News photo 1 Donald Trump: the first thing... Guardian News photo 2 Donald Trump: the first thing... Guardian News photo 3 Donald Trump: the first thing... Guardian News photo 4 Donald Trump: the first thing...

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by Guardian News 12 hours ago

“We need ventilator too” —— a New Yorker

by Fan Funny Show 1 day ago

Very smart guy. "We won't need that many (ventilators)", as the US's cases pass China's numbers. Very smart man. I can see why he was elected

by John Duff 1 day ago

Just came in to hear him say tremendous

by Lei Chen 1 day ago

As a Brit I look forward to those tremendous ventilators

by Worldwide Wabbit 1 day ago

He can't even help his own citizens right now and he's saying that he can help other countries?

by Lexie Rose 22 hours ago

I swear this man is getting me through my self isolation his so funny 😂

by Noah Coco 15 hours ago

No mate, there’s a huge chance you’re gonna need those ventilators and more you plonker.

by Caroline Bennett 1 day ago

Doctors across US were pleading for ventilators... why did you have to wait till Boris ??

by NK's Brick World 1 day ago

In WW2 it was every industrial and farm product American workers could produce. Now, in WWCV, it's medical supplies. Shipping should be much easier.

by Stephen Arling 1 day ago

Everything is a money making scheme to him 😂 there are more infected people in New York than in England, but because his buddy Boris is infected, it's the end of the world in England.

by Orlando Trustfull 1 day ago

"Unfortunately, he tested positive and uh.. that's a terrible thing.. but I'm sure he's going to be great."

by The Game Archiver 1 day ago

Could have been making ventilators since January. But chose not to. Hmmm

by Matthew Claude 1 day ago

We don't need your help US. China is already 2 steps ahead of you. You kept talking and no actions while your own US citizens are dying.

by CΣΠTURIΩΠ 1 day ago

He does that weird narcissist thing of emphasising someone else’s weakness as a way to boast, all with the tone that that’s not precisely what he’s doing.

by Lydia Martin 23 hours ago

What you can help the countries? Boy, you can't help your own country😱

by Bald Lady 1 day ago

I can’t believe people are dead and this man just bigs himself up lol

by Egode Stroyer 15 hours ago

Honestly at this point just expect the opposite of everything he says. That is all we can do.

by s wright 1 day ago

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