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Boris Johnson says 'there really is such a thing as society' in self-isolation update

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The British prime minister Boris Johnson has stressed that ‘there really is such a thing as society’ in a message released while self-isolating with Covid-19. The line is a direct contradiction of his Conservative predecessor Margaret Thatcher who said 'there is no such thing as society' in 1987 as an endorsement of pure individualism. In his latest video, Johnson revealed that 20,000 former NHS staff have returned to help in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak
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by Guardian News 1 month ago

When there is a national disaster: There is such a thing as society
When it's time to screw the working class: There is no such thing as society

by Jeffery Zhang 1 month ago

But Mrs Thatcher once told me that there is no such thing as society...

by Taylor 1 month ago

"This virus is not big deal, unless is my turn."

by SEP 1 month ago

I don't like him but that update actually made me quite impressed. That wasn't something I expected him to say.

I think being infected has rendered some humility in him

by James Lane 1 month ago

Say a lie often enough people will believe it, he thinks! No, you didn't lockdown soon enough!

by C D 1 month ago

Fight the fight Boris get well

by Ray Ray 1 month ago

Infuriates me that the onus is on us to protect the NHS. Nothing to do with 10 years of austerity.

by Madyetmellow 1 month ago

farmers and farm workers need as much help as they can get or we will see empty shelves, as I don't think other countries are going to send their food to us as they will need it themselves.

by RiffRaff 1 month ago

Wasn't it Cameron that first talked about a 'Big Society' that would take up the slack of austerity and public service cuts. Once you've used the 'no society' argument to justify as much greed and exploitation as you can, you invoke the 'big society' argument to get people to take up the slack of the services you've decimated.

by Hinderlengjes 1 month ago

Testing testing testing. Please please we are behind the curve on this.

by Andrew Baker 1 month ago

Wishing Boris a speedy recovery 💖

by Priscilla 1 month ago

"Latest steps the government is taking to fight Corona virus" I honestly thought he was going to talk about how much chicken soup he was eating.
Gargle antiseptic mouthwash regularly Boris.

by Jolly Yeholiver 1 month ago

Too funny that the word “society” is missing from the closed caption translation.

by Mike Foss 1 month ago

Society in quarantine is weird for me. I have talked more to people that I haven't seen in literal years than people that I see almost every week.

by GamingPerson2046 1 month ago

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