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7 Amazing New TESLAs on Roads in 2020/21

#Tesla Robotaxi #Tesla Roadster 2.0 #New Tesla cars #Model S Plaid #Autos & Vehicles
Representing 7 New Tesla Electric Vehicles That Will Be on Roads in 2020/21.
01: Tesla's self-driving ride-sharing network with Model 3 Robotaxis that come without steering wheels and pedals. Expected to come to market by the end of 2020
02: Tesla Semi truck, expected arrival in late 2020
03: The ''Plaid'' version of the Model S and X. The vehicles will be equipped with 3 motors for an outstanding performance
04: Tesla Model Y, already in production. First AWD models will be delivered in March 2020.
05: Tesla Cybertruck. Full-size all-electric pickup truck that beats Porsche 911 by acceleration time. Arrival is expected in 2021
06: Tesla Model 3 'P100D'. A Model 3 is expected to come by the end of 2020 with Ludicrous mode equipped with a battery pack of a 100 kWh capacity
07: Tesla Roadster 2.0. Arriving in 2021, it will be the fastest production car with 1.9 sec of 60 mph acceleration time.
+Model 2 is expected to be built at Tesla's factory in China, which is going to be the most affordable Tesla vehicle. (probably $25,000)

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Dam I just realized we're entering the future.. Elon musk will be remembered for being the guy to start the electric car revolution.. he will be in the history books.. what a time to be alive

by Escape Reality 4 months ago

I'm most excited about the probable battery improvements being announced this year.

by LouieGrind 4 months ago

I can't wait to put a Dead sticker on my new CYBER TRUUCK!!!

by Mazn Kuldinow 1 month ago

I Love the vision of this company...I'm 62 and for many years have been frustrated by the stupid old lazy car companies around the world all expecting govt hand outs to stay afloat because they are run by idiots with NO Vision. Tesla has thankfully put a F'ing rocket up these wankers and will hopefully leave them in it's dust. Go for it!!

by Tony Power 3 months ago

What planet do you live on?
Me 1975: Earth
Me: 2015: Google Earth
Me 2021: Tesla Earth
Me 2035: Tesla Mars.

by Mystic Espresso 4 months ago

The feels when an electric truck is faster than your car..

by Wang 4 months ago

Well the Tesla Roadster looks interesting to me.

by Alex 2 months ago

You: Playing The Sims on a game.
Elon: Playing The Sims on you.

by 5m4llk1ng 4 months ago

And then telsa will take on uhaul by providing simpler, cheaper and more efficient moving truck rentals.

by Steven C 4 months ago

Model S plaid mode enter the chat
Aventador has left the chat

by jus lemon 1 month ago

awesome video..TESLA=...thinking different and changing rules‼️😄🍷

by herm 2009 2 months ago

in the future we, when all vehicles are electric, we will be looking back at videos like his and calling them "vintage videos."
by then our carbon foot print will be 0

this is the start of the electric revolution

by ImplantedAgenda 3 weeks ago

i just realized that Tesla has no equally capable competitor!

by WRLD and WRD 1 month ago

Even though I can't afford a Tesla, I'm always excited about them

by arya more 1 month ago

“always growing demand for the model 3”. is this correct

by savethedeveloper 4 months ago

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