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Trump, Coronavirus Task Force answer questions in press conference

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President Donald Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force hold daily White House press briefing..
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Fox News photo 1 Trump, Coronavirus Task Force answer... Fox News photo 2 Trump, Coronavirus Task Force answer... Fox News photo 3 Trump, Coronavirus Task Force answer... Fox News photo 4 Trump, Coronavirus Task Force answer...

“we’ll all be back by Easter”
Me: i don’t think that’s how a global pandemic works

by Evie N 4 days ago

Now is a good time for the road crews to fill in those potholes!! 😁

by J Thomas 5 days ago


by Phyllis Bielewski 4 days ago

We all want to be out & about, so STAY HOME NOW, so we can get back to that SOON.

by MOS 5 days ago

Let's make America
"Made in America"

by jdmalm123 5 days ago

shut down all flights coming out of New York period

by Lori Fulton 5 days ago

When he says “what a great timeline this would be” I think he’s talking about timelines in the Community sense

by John Mapley 4 days ago

With all the empty shelves in all the stores I've shopped in in the last couple of months one thing is very clear to me. We need to bring manufacturing jobs back to the 🇺🇸 USA we cannot rely on china for our goods.

by maverick 007 5 days ago

Please stop cutting off the beginning of the press conferences. How hard is it to hit the RECORD button before he starts talking?

by The Light Side 5 days ago

Isn’t it weird, the people living paycheck to paycheck are supposed to have months worth of savings for emergencies, while billion dollar corporations are so poorly managed they’re on the brink of bankruptcy after a week of reduced profits.

by Leonidas 3 days ago

If he wants it to happen by Easter than EVERY STATE needs to institute lockdown. No meeting with friends and families. Only grocery shopping. Maintain six feet of space. The more who do this the faster we can get through this tragedy.

by MakeLemonade 5 days ago

Who wrote bro notes? He’s as surprised with the briefing updates as we are .

by Merchyion 4 days ago

The reason why Italy is seeing improving numbers is because they are ACTUALLY securing in place, unlike us...

by Linny 4 days ago

Mexico has changed his mind. They want to built and pay for the wall now.

by j de vries 3 days ago

THE LAST CORONAVIRUS TO HIT WAS 2009.(H1N1)Somehow the U.S. was able to hospitalize 275,000 people and 12,500 died from it ,No one was freaking out then,

by Daniel 3 days ago

Hello fellow Americans, why not take the time at home now to grow some vegetables? Keep busy in a positive way, a cardboard box with a black cloth on the outside makes a great one season recyclable planter pot. Be Positive! Be Busy! Be Prepared!

by Brian Fox 4 days ago

My prayer go out to the families who have Love Ones who are ill and to those families that lost a Love One. Take care everyone

by Vero DeLeon 5 days ago

I have zero faith in anyone on that stage other than Dr Fauci.

by BRM202 4 days ago

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