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Hannity: Trump takes action as Democratic mayors watch their cities crumble

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Every child in every neighborhood in America deserves to be safe; you can't climb the ladder of opportunity without safety and security. #FoxNews #Hannity
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Fox News photo 1 Hannity: Trump takes action as... Fox News photo 2 Hannity: Trump takes action as... Fox News photo 3 Hannity: Trump takes action as... Fox News photo 4 Hannity: Trump takes action as...

Wake up America stop being afraid of blm and antifa black or white or any other race stand up against democrats

by Judy Mercado 1 month ago

Biden has been busy dividing the country during his career terms and also lining his pockets with taxpayer money

by 2112777 1 month ago

Mayor's of these cities should face charges for letting this happen.

by Thomas Lear 1 month ago

THANK you for being almost the only Main stream media that tells the Truth

by Ricco Martin 1 month ago

'Pure evil in the flesh's, Well that is Democrats !

by Randy Smith 1 month ago

everyone needs to sue the leftists mayors, govs, DA for not doing their jobs

by Rick C-137 1 month ago

The Democrats are playing politics with people's life..

by Henry Felix 1 month ago

Charge the mayor's of these cities with treason. Then send in troops to stop this crap. Enough is enough.

by Rafaela Mora 1 month ago

Biden doesn't have the balls to run our Country PERIOD!!!

by Paradise beach 1 month ago

The greatest President since Lincoln -- John Voight. He's right.

by Gian T giant 1 month ago

Mr. President I think the first stop should be the mayor and governor for dereliction of Duty for endangering children and others forerun lawlessness

by Tim Doty 1 month ago

Arrest the mayors for negligent homicide, wrongful deaths and assisting anarchist. Stop talking racism. It's getting boring and repetitive.

by duanecrump crump 2 months ago

So the new terrorists are Mayorโ€™s and Governorโ€™s of some states?
A spade is a spade?

by Alvin Gabriel 1 month ago

If Biden wins it's going to be just like weekend at Bernies moving him around like a dead body!!!!!!

by Richard Pineda 1 month ago

Bidens plan is to defund the police departments nationwide, destabilize the country,and bring in the UN.๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿค”

by Morris Lyons 1 month ago

The real truth! This is like The Movie "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK."

by Steven Dunetz 1 month ago

joe biden: we realocate funds ........... does this mean : i will give the funds to my son ?

by marc deglin 1 month ago

"Come on man" has a real loser as his running mate. They need to keep running until they get to Joe Biden's future senile ol folks home.

by Militans Deo 1 month ago

Chicago Mayor Is A Joke How Dare You Do Nothing To Protect Your Town And The People

by Coin Hunter 1 month ago

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