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Getting Up to Speed on James Pumphrey?! | Asking 10 Questions

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Dakota calls up James Pumphrey, an automotive enthusiast and host of one the most popular vehicle focused YouTube Channels; Donut Media. We chat about his love for euro-cars, dream builds, and much more! Make sure to stay tuned for more 10 Questions, every Wednesday at 12pm CST.
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by Fitment Industries 3 months ago

And they said Avengers was the biggest crossover in history..

by Shane Johnson 3 months ago

It’s weird seeing Sir. James Pumphrey so calm

by Markie 3 months ago

Good for James he lost a lot of weight, hopefully he’s feeling better

by Better Than you 3 months ago

Me :*sees title of the video*

by Ali 3 months ago

James should do an up to speed on all his tattoos, they look rad!

by J V19 3 months ago

James is the man. He’s definitely top 5 fav car enthusiast.


by Jimmynojuice 3 months ago

the collab we were all waiting for! LETS GOOOO!!!

by Diogo Correia 3 months ago

I don’t think I’ve seen James so calm in a video before

by Aidan M. 3 months ago

I feel like having ChrisFix in the next episode would be really cool

by BedirDrawsStuff 3 months ago

This is all you need to know about the James Pumphrey

by roflcoppter117 3 months ago

you should try to get Alex from CarThrottle

by Dragoos 3 months ago

😂 Dakota missed the opportunity to ask him about the Pumphrey 502 🔥🔥

by Dheen Cadir 3 months ago

Finally an Up to Speed on James Pumphrey!I started asking for one a few days back under every video of donut media.

by Mr. T 3 months ago

Can you do a "So you want" on James?

by Maxxas Crow 3 months ago

I'm surprised YouTube didn't blow up from this video, the two top of top.

by DJANGO FETT 3 months ago

When the 2 best car channels come together 🥺

by wessoblitz 3 months ago

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