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Pinky And The Brain Prank Fans With Surprise Meet & Greet | Adults React

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Pinky and the Brain fans are SURPRISED by Pinky and the Brain themselves!.
Follow Rob & Maurice (links below) and check out Rob's book: https://fbereact.com/2WR1LTH
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Dr Scratchansniff
Pinky and the brain
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Pinky And The Brain Prank Fans With Surprise Meet & Greet | Adults React

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FBE photo 1 Pinky And The Brain Prank... FBE photo 2 Pinky And The Brain Prank... FBE photo 3 Pinky And The Brain Prank... FBE photo 4 Pinky And The Brain Prank...

A huge thank you to Rob & Maurice for filming this episode with us!
What other celebrities would you like to see our reactors meet? Let us know down below!

by REACT 4 months ago

Iโ€™ve met both Rob and Maurice at a convention. They are just the sweetest.

by Jackie McCann 4 months ago

It's voice actors like Rob and Maurice, and number of others, who can do all these different voices, that I have so much respect for. It's not easy to change your voice, let alone multiple different ways to make each voice sound different.

by AntonC 4 months ago

When my stepdad and I went bowling, we used Pinky and Brain as our bowling names cause we watched The Animaniacs when he was recovering from brain surgery and chemo. Even though he's gone, I still use the name Pinky when I bowl.

by Erica Beumel 4 months ago

is it just me or the pinky and the brain look like their voice actors ?

by sul alha 4 months ago

My face is literally hurting from smiling throughout this

by Derrick Reacts 4 months ago

"Gee Brain, What are we going to do tonight?"
-"The same thing we do every night Pinky, watch FBE videos"

by Rishi Bhakta 4 months ago

I am so excited that Maurice confirmed that "Pinky and the Brain" are part of the new "Animaniacs"

by Al Gregory 4 months ago

lmao as kids my sister and I had a theory that Pinky was secretly a genius as well and was messing up Brain's plans on purpose to save the world

by Nunya Business 4 months ago

There was a definite nostalgic feeling watching the animated series and seeing the voice actors, who still get excited about the characters they voiced 25 years ago.

by SirWheelzAlot3684 4 months ago

That โ€œnarfโ€ warmed my heart. I canโ€™t believe these 2 men made my childhood.

by R Singh 4 months ago

I didn't realize until years after the show stopped airing new episodes that Goodfeathers was supposed to be parodying Goodfellas

by Brent Dreher 4 months ago

Should have had him sing the Countries of the World

by Charles Masden 4 months ago

Let's not forget that Rob Paulsen voiced not one but two ninja turtles! Raphael from the 1987 series and Donatello from the 2012 series. I would love for him to do the other two in future series. Somebody, make it happen!

by Pearl of the Dark Age 4 months ago

"I think so Brain. But if Jimmy cracks corn, and no one cares, why does he keep doing it"?

by B Pal 4 months ago

I loved Animaniacs as a kid, and when they spun off Pinky and the Brain, I watched that show all the time as well.

by Brains00007 4 months ago

Legends, hands down. I'm glad, with the advent of social media, a ton of the Voice Actors have finally been given their due. Millions of kids have loved these characters, and people like Mr. Lamarche and Mr. Paulsen have brought them to life. The only bummer? Animaniacs still isn't available up here on Netflix.

by Jock McBile 4 months ago

Rob Paulsen has always been my favorite Voice Actor. Ever since i watched the OG ninja turtles cartoon in the early 90s (he's the voice of Raphael) I've loved his work. And of course his role as Yakko is absolutely legendary for the nations of the world song. Such a treasure.

by kingofbudokai 4 months ago

"And Now The Nations of The World with Yakko Warner........."
"United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru......."

by Raymond Rodriguez 4 months ago

Im 31 and this makes me feel old knowing its the 25th anniversary. The 90s gave us Pinky and the Brain and so many more greats. Its a shame whats happened to kids entertainment these days

by Fun Sized 4 months ago

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