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Adults React To Try Not To Get Mad Challenge (2019 Edition)

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Adults Try Not To Get Mad Challenge at 2019. Original links below.
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Can our Adults resist the urge to get mad at these videos from 2019?
Watch to see their reactions!
Content Featured, Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)
SONIC: THE HEDGEHOG Trailer (2020)
Friends Announcement
The Office Announcement
Lip Tik Tok
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Reactors Featured, Ary
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Adults React To Try Not To Get Mad Challenge (2019 Edition)

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FBE photo 1 Adults React To Try Not... FBE photo 2 Adults React To Try Not... FBE photo 3 Adults React To Try Not... FBE photo 4 Adults React To Try Not...

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by REACT 8 months ago

Others: “Damn 2019 is the worst year ever!!”

2020: “Hold my beer”

by min X ael 1 month ago

Who’s laughing at this because we’ve been through half of 2020...?

by Cameron Dennis 2 months ago

Try not to get mad challenge:
“Its sad”
FBE: [X]

by Tino 8 months ago

Person: reacts in ANY way
FBE: ❌❌❌❌❌❌

by K M 8 months ago

As soon as they showed Tom I knew he was going to get mad at the first video lol

by Cristina wood 8 months ago

FBE can be political if it wants. The reactors can be political if they want, I honestly don't get what the big deal is. They have their own opinions, and they're just expressing them. I bet that the people who were all like "oh my god why do they have to be political" wouldn't care if it was in the opposing side's favor

by Greta 7 months ago

Reactor: I'm kinda sad

FBE: Nope, you're mad. |X|

by Heavens Gate 8 months ago

Why u mad?
Why u sad?
When you can be..


by Cora Willard 8 months ago

Trump is my favorite character in the reality show called the United States of America. Prime time entertainment

by M. de k. 8 months ago

this felt aggressively political

by Caleigh B 8 months ago

I like alot of FBE stuff but the fact that a react channel only brings in people with the same mindset/beliefs is just kinda boring to watch at times, like you already know what they are going to say.

by Mecole 8 months ago

I’m sort of disappointed that the Notre Dame fire wasn’t on here. That was devastating as well

by Megan Randolph 8 months ago

I know one to make an entire country mad. The fact that Australia has been on fire for more than 4 months and the guy in charge of our country cut fundings off to the firefighters and then ran off to another country for a holiday in the middle of a national crisis. Our fires are the biggest fires in the world and are MUCH bigger than the Amazon fires...

by Tayla 8 months ago

For everyone in the comments who didn't get why the "natural" fire in the Amazon was upsetting is because it wasn't natural they are caused by human activity, especially for clearing lands for farming. The one this year was intentionally burnt and it wasn't being brought to attention and was dismissed by people who thought that because it's been going on for a while that it is "natural"

* Edit was made to take out some misinformation about the recent Amazon fire of 2019

by Lilac Artemis 8 months ago

Jesus Christ, the amount of people who are very uninformed about what all is going on is laughable at this point. No wonder everything is going to shit 😂😂

by Three of them Thangs? 8 months ago

Unpopular opinion: Don’t care about The Office or Friends

by Kaleb 8 months ago

Kennedy & Mikaela, you’re not alone. Like if you never watched Game of Thrones.

by Jonathan Levu 8 months ago

90% of the comments: omg how come literally NO ONE is talking about the fires in australia

👍🏼 123k

by madz 8 months ago

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