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How much power did James Pumphrey's car make? @ Eurowise, Charlotte, NC

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Thanks for watching the James Pumphrey's GUM Car build. We are excited to be a part of this transformation for James Pumphrey from Donut Media Thanks to Shift_Fast for the dyno usage on the GUM CAR build..
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Since 2008, we have been bringing our customers the best in automotive service. We at Eurowise specialize in European automotive service and repair. Specifically Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche. We strive to be the best provider for your automotive needs.
We provide a full range of service work, everything from regular maintenance to replacing time chains. We also guarantee our work and are always willing to beat dealership and competitors pricing! Come experience our personable service advisors and technicians. Our customer goals are long term and honest relationships, not quick in and out service. At Eurowise we always put our customers first.
At Eurowise we specialize in Audi service, BMW service, Mercedes Benz service, Porsche service, Ferrari service, Maserati service, Lamborghini service, and Volkswagen service. We also specialize in Performance fabrication, which includes welding, high performance race car prep. All automotive repairs done at one of our three locations using state of the art diagnostic, programming, and repair equipment. We spare no expense when it comes to using the right tools to properly repair your car. Eurowise has factory trained technicians along with a very knowledgeable customer care staff with over 60 years of combined experience in the auto repair, racing and fabrication industry.
Eurowise Performance, 704-559-8100
441 springbrook rd
Charlotte NC, 28217
Address: 440 Springbrook Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217
Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–6PM
Phone: (704) 559-8100

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Eurowise Inc. photo 1 How much power did James... Eurowise Inc. photo 2 How much power did James... Eurowise Inc. photo 3 How much power did James... Eurowise Inc. photo 4 How much power did James...

Hahahaha. Wait- Hahahaha. Seriously, though- Hahahahaha.

by Ron Furguson 2 months ago

That clock life. It really is super helpful lol.

by Json 5 months ago

5 cilinder Audi engine going in

by GSP I 1 month ago

I hope It gets a VR6 to make it a monster or 3.0 supercharged s4 motor

by Leonel Rodriguez 5 months ago

I’m in Canada, we had the mk3 golf CL with the 1.8 8v. Was that car not available in the US? It seems unlikely

by Krankenwagen 5 months ago

Think they're doing 2.5 turbo.

by Dubs&Brews 5 months ago

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