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Better brain health | DW Documentary

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Chocolate reduces stress. Fish stimulates the brain. Is there any truth to such popular beliefs? The findings of researchers around the world say yes: It appears we really are what we eat.
A study in a British prison found that inmates who took vitamin supplements were less prone to violent behavior. And in Germany, a psychologist at the University of Lübeck has shown that social behavior is influenced by the ingredients consumed at breakfast. But what really happens in the brain when we opt for honey instead of jam, and fish rather than sausage? Scientists around the world are trying to find out. Neuro-nutrition is the name of an interdisciplinary research field that investigates the impact of nutrition on brain health. Experiments on rats and flies offer new insight into the effects of our eating habits. When laboratory rats are fed a diet of junk food, the result is not just obesity. The menu also has a direct influence on their memory performance. The role of the intestinal flora has been known for some time, but scientists are currently discovering other relationships. So-called "brain food" for example: The Mediterranean diet that’s based on vegetables and fish is said to provide the best nutrition for small grey cells. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish, for example, protect the nerve cells and are indispensable for the development of the brain - because the brain is also what it eats!
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So this documentary confirms that Americans are as smart as cheeseburgers.

by Jollystr 1 month ago

in india our ancestors say this : " we have to eat food as medicine .otherwise ,after 50 years we ought to eat medicine as food " .

by dharshini magesh 1 month ago

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

by Xo xoo 1 month ago

From a different culture, my mom raised me to eat healthy with varieties of natural & balance food. Sadly, my husband eats so poorly. He is definitely the mice that is addicted to sugar because he HAS to eat that cookie/cake/chocolate/pie after his meal. When he eats out, he only chooses fast food (fries and milkshake for lunch). He is a super picky eater. He can only eat apple & banana as fruits. His lunch is a super size bag of potato chip, orange juice and a sandwich. He has never eaten fish or seafood in his whole life. His body is inflamed. His memory is every-day-is-a-brand-new-day. He is only 51.

He supposed to have a very high IQ but he is not an achiever. He is anti-social, doesn't like being with people (like that mice staying in the dark) & doesn't like to have new experience/adventure. I thought it may have aspeger but now I think his asperger behavior may be caused by his prolonged poor eating habits that he clearly models for our 3 children. My kids love him because dad always eats the "good" food! It's forever an uphill battle for me to teach and influence our 3 sons to eat healthy. They fight me, cry, complain & throw tantrums every time I cook something new & worthy.

I totally agree we are what we eat, mentally, physically and emotionally.

by Life Series 1 month ago

I have been an addict of articles and documentaries: I haven’t seen any like DW documentaries.
I have been watching it for almost 6 years and it’s going on.
I recommend it to everyone for a better perspective

by Descent Doctor 1 month ago

This type of useful knowledge should be taught in school.

by alok kumar 1 month ago

I learn English throughout such as this documentary, it is full of valuable information as well as expands my knowledge in all my life aspects. I indeed enjoy watching such an incredible documentary.

by Bakil Abdulrahman 1 month ago

We need to change our eating culture. It's like we don't care at all even tho we know how important it is.

by Edgbarra 1 month ago

Just like junk food doesn t meet your nutritional needs, and actually makes u feel quite terrible, junk values don t meet your psychological need, and they take you away from a good life.

by Anghel Ienciu 1 month ago

I am in the middle of the documentary and wondering why they are using only studies from Europe and Australia, none so far from US universities? Maybe since the food lobby is so strong in US studies are not done and those that exist are not reliable coz financed by food corporations?

by T Mit 1 month ago

Americans: Eating eight pounds of burger and fries in one lunch
American' brains: Help I'm shrinking

by Jem Mari Estacio 1 month ago

We've known this for years. Why do we have to abuse the poor rats! All we have to do is look at the decline of the western world.

by rosiethebear300 3 weeks ago

Wao. This documentary is a labour of love which will impact many people on how they feed their children and what expectant women feed on.

by Happy Henry 1 month ago

Guess im lucky, i don't like sweet food/drinks at all

by Jeffrey Bozko 1 month ago

DW you are the best!!! Always wonder what will be next in DW documentaries and you do not disappoint.

by Gladys Jimenez 1 month ago

DW amazing documentary. When my mother past away from cancer i was 14 years old.....i never knew exactly how and why it developed so fast...when i grew up i talk to the doctors that treated her.....to put it in simple word : Bad eating habits from my mother.....since then i got devoted for eating heathly.....when my wife was pregnant we were eating avocado, nuts, omega 3, vitamins for her, low carbs and almost no sugar.....now my daughter is almost 2 years old. ...she has this curious for exploring everything, knows the numbers at to 10 and she holds a book trying to understand what is written there....of course there are many situations involved.....but i can say that omega 3 that my wife was taking during pregnancy had an impact on my daughter development....here behavior is passive and analize when she encounters a problem......now we practice fasting 16/8 and eat healthy.....sorry for my english. Im not english speaker......i hope this comment helps for future parents.

by Erick Delfin Vasquez Patricio 3 weeks ago

What's more damaging to the human brain is Youtube adverts.... especially that "Ola" advert!
I am exposed to that frekkin ad at least 50 times a day, it's killing me slowly and I'm not even exaggerating!

by Focus Media 1 month ago

This documentary gets 10/10. One of the best I have ever seen. It's full of knowledge presented in a simple way and superbly made!

by Shiv Kumar 1 month ago

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