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Should you buy an early Tesla Model Y? * Detailed Features, Fit, Finish and Paint Review

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It's day 2 with my Tesla Model Y Performance and in this video I go over the fit and finish of this brand new car from Tesla.
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Model Y 0-60, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JYuGS4buzs
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the camera is for surveillance of cabin if tesla every becomes self driving and you use it for robotaxi (Uber driverless)

by AthletismeQc 5 months ago

Paint looks very good.

Model 3 also has a standard interior facing camera, in the same place as Model Y. It's probably intended for robotaxi or car sharing network use, to see who's driving.

Model Y is going to sell very well, long term.

by Loanword Eggcorn 5 months ago

The 1,000,000 tesla made was a red performance Y, I wonder who got it ๐Ÿง maybe not you, but who knows

by Jason Granovsky 5 months ago

itโ€™s also in the 3! Itโ€™s going to be used for robotaxie, and also possibly sentry mode

by Jason Granovsky 5 months ago

Great review
Balanced with realistic, reasonable expectations

by flyonbyya 5 months ago

You can activate โ€œDyno Modeโ€ by the following steps:
1. Vehicle must be in Park.
2. While holding down left (turn signal) stalk, press and hold the Tesla โ€œT" logo at the top of the screen.
3. Enter the Dyno Mode activation password, "dynotest."

Youโ€™ll have the greatest drifting machine ever.
Also a great way to emulate launch control. Best 0-60 time.

by bassamakasheh 5 months ago

Hey, you didnโ€™t happen to pickup from Dania, did you? I see the FL plates and I saw a red fly by leaving the dealership yesterday!

by Joseph Whaley 5 months ago

"I'm stuck at the house:"
With a garage full of exotic cars you could be driving anywhere in FL..right now, .in the spring..LOL.

by Keyboard Warrior 5 months ago

Pretty sure that inside camera is for robotaxi. As of now, it's disabled

by NotRicky 5 months ago

U might of missed that back seats are reclining. In back storage there is another locker under the second cover near backseats. Wheels size u can change i believe in settings under service section (not sure so about if it changes range)

by curiou25s 5 months ago

The standard chrome delete is super awesome! Would have saved me a lot of time and money chrome deleting my S and X!

by PcarFan16 5 months ago

I think you missed the point. You're supposed to put your groceries down there.

by Woke AF 5 months ago

Did anyone see the off-roading model Y video where it struggled getting out of a ditch? Can you please test or confirm somehow.

by Alaskan Bull Worm 5 months ago

Where is is the Model S vs. Taycan Turbo S video? (We wont stop asking, you might just talk about it then ... )

by oh0stv 5 months ago

Very nice review! My S had the same mis-aligned window frame and they adjusted it at their store/repair center. It was no big deal. When I replace the S, I may have to look at a Y. Again, love your vids, keep em coming!

by mebeingU2 5 months ago

I visited my local Tesla dealer on Saturday. They had about 20 brand new Model Y. Every one of them had body shop markers on them where paint, dings, alignment or panel gaps existed. Most were blue, gray and one white. No white interiors which is not available yet. In this day and age, there's really no reason for orange peel nor fish eyes. My Model 3 DMP has near perfect build quality.

by Haywood Ja'Blome 5 months ago

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