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The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For

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The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
MODEL 3 VIDEOS, Model 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te6Vq...
Model 3 Performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvsnI...
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Doug DeMuro photo 1 The Tesla Model Y Is... Doug DeMuro photo 2 The Tesla Model Y Is... Doug DeMuro photo 3 The Tesla Model Y Is... Doug DeMuro photo 4 The Tesla Model Y Is...

"Joe mode" was a feature that was suggested by a guy named "Joe" on Twitter because his kids were waking up from his Model 3 alerts. Elon Musk saw it and asked his development team to implement it.

by J. B. 1 month ago

Re: "Joe Mode". Joe is a Tesla owner who reached out to Elon Musk through Twitter Asking for a system, [later named in his honor], to lower the noise levels on notifications to not disturb rear seat passengers, like his kids, that might be sleeping. Elon agreed with it and sent an over-the-air update to all Tesla's to now include this function, if you want it. As the saying goes, "ask and ye shall receive".

by Alan Rogers 3 weeks ago

Doug: "Who exactly is Joe?"

Elon: "In case you haven't noticed, you've fallen right into my trap."

by FancyCarz07 3 weeks ago

Confirmed: Tesla will be releasing a Doug's Mode in the next software update.

by Michael Nguyen 4 weeks ago

Iโ€™m not an electric car guy and certainly not a self driving car guy but I have to recognize amazing engineering when I see it

by Skurneha 3 weeks ago

Everyone: quarantined and at home

Meanwhile Doug: "Thiiiiiiiiiiiissss"

by random guy 1 month ago

Tesla Headquarters: do we need a new model?
Elon: Yes!!
Tesla headquarters: why
Elon: great name!!! Y!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Luca Garino 1 week ago

It looks like a pregnant Model 3. But sure, Y is much more practical.

by Sr H 2 weeks ago

Doug: who's Joe?

All of the Gen Z viewers: Oh god he's spoken the forbidden words

by Kevin Be A Man 2 weeks ago

i took a shot every time he said "performance" and now i cant tell my quirks from my features

by Jsterninja 4 weeks ago

Doug the type of guy to make his parents read him an owners manual as a bedtime story

by X 1 month ago

model S

model 3

model X

model Y


by Carlos Torres 2 weeks ago

"Who exactly is Joe"
Elon is a madlad

by Lucas B. 4 weeks ago

It's impossible to pause Doug, without him looking funny.

by lego technic 3 weeks ago

We need a 'Doug mode' for the heads up display....

by Ben Day 2 weeks ago

Doug, Teslaโ€™s โ€œJoe Modeโ€ is so called because a guy on twitter called Joe asked Elon Musk for a feature, to make the beep sounds quieter in the back so his kids wouldnโ€™t be disturbed from sleeping when traveling.

by Will Thompson 1 month ago

wow, he actually kept the camera on himself while driving, wanted to see that screen, and maybe hear the radio.
Nice car I think.

by J. W. CARTER 1 day ago

To think Iโ€™d see the day an stock electric family sedan clocked in 0-60 mph in a little over 3 seconds.

by NHK Zombie 3 weeks ago

model 3 is still more stylish, sexy and fast.
model y looks like some toy car.

by Anurag Pal 2 days ago

I will go for the cybertruck with the same price.
this thing looks so feminine.

by Anurag Pal 2 days ago

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