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The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For

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The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
MODEL 3 VIDEOS, Model 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te6VqldjTT8
Model 3 Performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvsnIL0AIAk
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/dougdemuro
Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/dougdemuro
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Doug DeMuro photo 1 The Tesla Model Y Is... Doug DeMuro photo 2 The Tesla Model Y Is... Doug DeMuro photo 3 The Tesla Model Y Is... Doug DeMuro photo 4 The Tesla Model Y Is...

Doug the type of guy to make his parents read him an owners manual as a bedtime story

by X 5 months ago

"Relatively affordable."

Car starts at $48k.

Yup, I'm still relatively poor.

by TheyCallMeRAVEN 2 months ago

I need a Doug Mode that when pressed, immediately gives all specs of the vehicle and pulls up the owners manual.

by King Bovee 1 week ago

“68 out of 100 is an EXCELLENT score!”

If only my parents thought that when it came around to report cards.. 😭🤣😭

by Jamon’e M 2 months ago

Tesla engineers: “So, Elon, how much storage do you want?”
Elon: “yes”

by SJD Productions 2 months ago

“Joe Mode” comes for a guy on Twitter named Joe who asked Elon to add a feature that made the alerts quieter so they wouldn’t wake up his kids.

by cody ko 5 months ago

Doug: I wish there was a heads up display to tell you what GEAR you are in.

by Gabriel 1 2 days ago

It's called Joe mode because Tesla wants you to ask "Who is Joe?"

Joe Mamma

I'm sorry

by BrutalSystem 1 month ago

Doug is the type of guy to sleep in his car when he is at his house

by Leo Buckman 3 months ago

Not only is Doug 6'3", he's also 6'4"

by nairblooc 5 months ago

Imagine Elon Musk watches this and create 'Doug mode' so when you click that mode a head up display will pop up

by Afif M 3 months ago

watch the car behind him get left in the dust, crazy fast

by Grainsauce 2 months ago

If I got $1.00 ever time Doug says “and!”, I would be able to afford a Model Y.

by iPhilGood 2 months ago

Doug: "Even Elon can't fight physics."

Elon: ...

And the world was never the same again.

by Shar'Dama Ka 3 months ago

Damn Doug, I can’t believe you’ve lost the opportunity to say “and now I’m gonna show you Y” in the intro

by Leo De Crescenzo 5 months ago

Doug: I wish there was a heads up display so you can see things like the gear you're in.

Yeah ok Doug bc I need my electric motor to tell me it's gearing

by Stellar Motovlogs 3 months ago

watch the car in the rear window, lol he gone!!!

by Eddy 3 months ago

Girlfriend - “Can we stop at Starbucks”

Me - “No”

Girlfriend - “WHAT TF DO U MEA-“

Me - *Fold front seat*

by CT Flavors 2 months ago

Couldn’t stop staring at dougs asphalt stained knees 😂

by Mystic Express 3 months ago

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