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Here's Why the $2 Million McLaren P1 Is the Ultimate Modern McLaren

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The McLaren P1 is a special car -- and it's the ultimate modern McLaren. Today I'm going to review the McLaren P1 and show you around the P1, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the McLaren P1. Then I'm going to drive the P1 and show you what it's like on the road.
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Doug DeMuro photo 1 Here's Why the $2 Million... Doug DeMuro photo 2 Here's Why the $2 Million... Doug DeMuro photo 3 Here's Why the $2 Million... Doug DeMuro photo 4 Here's Why the $2 Million...

It was a pleasure having you in Doug! We need to make another one really soon!

by Manny Khoshbin 8 months ago

Doug looks like he lays on his stomach and crosses his feet in the air when he’s on the phone.

by steelyd2 8 months ago

Doug, the type of guy who wakes you up to tell you he’s going to sleep

by Tom Arnold 8 months ago

“There’s no immediately obvious door handle” - Doug, literally every episode

by j-sims 7 months ago

Doug reviewing a hypercar: "Comfort is good for a car like this. 6/10"

Doug reviewing a $30k crossover: "Acceleration isn't as good as a Ferrari. 1/10"

by Joshua Harazin 2 months ago

Puts p1 in race mode:

P1:this is a suicide mission


by THC_10 8 months ago

Many: "This is like one of those sleeper cars."
Doug: "Totally."
McLaren Design Team: "Are we a joke to you?"

by Bradley Ormsby 8 months ago

P1: has 900+ hp and is the coolest car most people have ever seen

Doug: “ the little guy on the climate control system has a helmet”

Wholesome ☻

by Alejandro Vasquez 5 months ago

Doug - ‘Im not a huge person’
Also Doug - ‘ I’m 6’4 ‘

by Nishad More 5 months ago

Doug is the type of guy to state his height as 6' 3'' on cold days and 6'4'' on hot days due to thermal expansion

by Tuukka Silventoinen 8 months ago

"the first thing you notice when you open the door is

This small little plaque on the bottom left of the door frame"


by Quirktart 3 months ago

Manny's no idiot; he ensures that Doug gives him a full plug before he gets started.

by damachine3 8 months ago


“It weighs less than James may”

by Dingle Berry 2 weeks ago

Doug the type of guy to pull him self over, while speeding.

by Eddie Hearn 6 months ago

“This is kinda a sleeper.” As opposed to what? A fighter jet?

by Caleb Miller 8 months ago

I've never really HONESTLY thought about having intercourse with a car before. Then this dime piece drops from the heavens!

by jambreem Robinson 6 months ago

Millionaire or not, “Mentorship Programs” scream scheme or cult to me.

by CelloMachachillo 3 months ago

Doug the type of guy to wear a tshirt...

under a tshirt

by Cory Winn 8 months ago

doug the type of guy that keeps talking when my laptop is closed

by jo r ge vancouver 5 months ago

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