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I Finally Got A Lambo - Lamborghini Huracán Review | The New Car Show

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Thank You Lamborghini Newport Beach for the best day ever!
The 2018 Lamborghini Huracán, the “baby” Lamborghini. We’ve wanted to drive this amazing
car for months, and we finally got the chance! So what’s the Huracán actually like to drive on
the road? Join James Pumphrey as he drives the Huracán as Ferruccio Lamborghini would have
wanted: Fast with the top down!
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Dude that Ferrari is sick I can’t believe they let you drive it

by Miles Johnson 2 years ago

You need a Performante experience! Let's talk James! 😎

by DoctaM3 2 years ago

Great video! Awoesme editing, cheesy personality and a non-sellout opinion of the Lambo.

by Vehicle Virals 2 years ago

Fellow YouTuber here. Excellent content! Subadub Mcdubbed! Keep at it!

by NFA Review Channel 2 years ago

James Pumphrey is my spirit animal

by Mike Turco 2 years ago


by dog780 2 years ago

"More then you can afford pal, Ferra..." Whoops wrong car. 😂

by YaBoiRice 2 years ago


by Skiddy 2 years ago

So does this mean I can stop sending you my precious $1 bills

by Skuyler Knisely 2 years ago

Don’t hate on Bart because he is the obvious father figure of

by Curtis Campbell 2 years ago

URUS is the soccer mom Lambo

by Jose M 2 years ago

Y’all way better than car throttle

by L Z 2 years ago

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