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Guy vs. Girl: Cars | Donut Media

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An average guy and an average gal tell us what they think about cars.
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Guy vs. Girl: Cars

#guys vs girls cars #auto racing #battle of the sexes #guy cars #donut media #Donut cars #donut

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how to trigger the car community

by Randy Shein 3 years ago

"That person who you bring camping, that doesn't know how to do anything "
I lost it 😂

by John_ pryce 4 years ago

Hell I would totally date someone driving a ek9 civic

by Mug DeDuro 3 years ago

Shows civic
Girl: I hate this car.

by cressida 3 years ago

If someone talk trash about a MK1 Golf, you just shoot him on the face! God...how?!

by M Cunha 3 years ago

I had a girlfriend who drove a 97 Civic hatch 5spd I thought she was the one then broke up. Couple years later I put a ad on Craigslist for 01 Integra... the buyer was my ex.... for real

by kidzero1943 4 years ago

32 mph.... doesn't know the potential of a Honda:(

by Brendan Smith 3 years ago

"They turn off when you park, thats stupid" does she like her cars to turn off while she drives?

by Jeff Anderson 3 years ago

The guy was cool but that girl... Oh my... That girl is awful and has no taste.

by Go Faast 4 years ago

If you drive a G wagon you’re just showing off that buying a new Jeep isn’t expensive enough for you

by ScadoodleMusic 2 years ago

"Be embarrassed if we showed up to the Valet' in your car" because you know, I have to take the bus. lol

by Hondeer 2 years ago

I was surprised when the lady knew it was a Porsche AND an older one! Good on her!

by Maccaroney 4 years ago

"It turns off when you're parked..that's stupid"

by Josh McDermott 3 years ago

One is a gold digger and one appreciates the time put into the craft. That’s a pretty simple summary for you guys

by HARUNA 陰オ扱 2 years ago

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