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Fighting Addison Rae | Dixie D'Amelio

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The moment you've all been waiting for! Finally I was able to step into the ring with Addison for liking those comments about Charli! Thank you so much to Ryan Garcia for getting me ready for the big fight! I had a lot of fun with you at The Boxing Club in San Diego!
Go watch the video of Ryan training us!
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Dixie D'Amelio photo 1 Fighting Addison Rae | Dixie... Dixie D'Amelio photo 2 Fighting Addison Rae | Dixie... Dixie D'Amelio photo 3 Fighting Addison Rae | Dixie... Dixie D'Amelio photo 4 Fighting Addison Rae | Dixie...

Thanks everyone for watching! So happy to share these experiences with all of you!

by Dixie D'Amelio 2 weeks ago


by Jeenius 2 weeks ago

Addison would be scary if she actually wanted to hit dixie.

by Hum Noon 1 week ago

Girls boxing: I'm nervous I dont want to hurt her
Boys boxing: So you have chosen...death

by Hayden Kennington 1 week ago

Lmao Addison was too innocent and didn’t wanna hurt Dixie while Dixie was throwing everything at her lolol

by Potato :P 4 days ago

kinda feel like ryan has a thing for dixie or is that just me

EDIT: wow thats alot of likes thanks y'all 💕😚

by ur mom 6 days ago

Is nonody gonna talk about how their boxing with their acrylic nails on still😂

by Jc Silky 2 weeks ago

The bad bleep could of murdered Dixie if they actually had beef

by Rihanna Records 2 days ago

Addison is a tough Louisiana girl she was not trying she could of killed Dixie. Jk.

by Brennan ツ 6 days ago

I feel like they can actually fight and just don’t wanna hurt each other

by isaiahdevinci 6 days ago

you can tell addison is trying so hard not to hit dixie

by pastelvxbes 2 weeks ago

Addison could’ve destroyed Dixie. She’s too kind for that

by MrClean Official 4 days ago

Addison: she hit me in the face
Dixie: well you hit me in the nose

by Black King 1 week ago

I personally think that Addison should have won just because she obviously had better technique then. Dixie. Dixie Came in A little too proud during the beginning.

by BB for life 6 days ago

I feel like that guy has a crush on Dixie 💀

by Jazzy Franco 6 days ago

People say that Dixie has only American fans. Like If you're not American

by Fjorni zani 2 weeks ago

The trainers weren’t even paying attention to Addison edit: I never got this many likes but yeah Ryan was choosing favourites

by Tami Wright 3 days ago

Girls boxing: Pls pls don't hurt each other
Boys boxing: Have any last words

by Andrea Trabucco 5 days ago

We’re is the punches from the renegade dance when you need it 😂😂

by Benzo Fenzo 1 week ago

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