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The lady was in the wrong. She pointed the gun at the crowd with poor trigger discipline. The man didn't do anything wrong from a legal standpoint. I think it was egregious that his rifle was confiscated.


This is a good reason to have some real looking Airsoft guns laying around.

by Rev. Gunn 3 weeks ago

Never NEVER point your gun at some one if you don't entend to shoot. And only if your life is threatened. And never have your finger on the trigger and pointing your gun in a crowd. That's why they had their GUNs taken away.

by Kerry David Sadler 3 weeks ago

There Gun Handling was terrible, but they were on private property, in a state that has the castledoctrine, stand your ground, and open carry laws. This is not right.

by The Main Man Channel 3 weeks ago

Remember, displaying and brandishing are not the same. Don't lose your firearm to a crooked DA or politician.

by Billy Walker 3 weeks ago

Well when people are threatening to kill you your wife and your dog, weird things happen.

by Live Free EDC 3 weeks ago

Iโ€™m glad their weapons were confiscated. They are menaces to society. Now let the protest begin again! People need to learn donโ€™t pull out unless youโ€™re ready to fire. THST open carry ish is for cowards. Itโ€™ll always be the element of surprise with me.

by Sheba Sheba Sheba 3 weeks ago

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