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I Became a PRO Bassist on Fiverr & THIS HAPPENED

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I went on Fiverr as a PRO bassist and I let random strangers hire ME..
Somebody even asked me to make an IMPOSSIBLE bassline... will I succeed? Watch ALL the video.
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#They Paid ME to create an IMPOSSIBLE Bassline #impossible bass #fiverr #fiverr impossible bass #davie504 #impossible bassline #davie

Davie504 photo 1 I Became a PRO Bassist... Davie504 photo 2 I Became a PRO Bassist... Davie504 photo 3 I Became a PRO Bassist... Davie504 photo 4 I Became a PRO Bassist...

chechmate fiverr bassists

by Davie504 1 month ago

Rest of Italy: goes into isolation for coronavirus. Davie504: already been in isolation for the past five years slapping bass.

by Dan Lock 1 month ago

You and Seth Everman need to collaborate in some way

by - 3 weeks ago

Th order: use a pick
Davie: *proceeds to throw the pick away and play bass

by Cedric Tampos 3 weeks ago

Imagine how long these practice, video editing can take

He's just very hardworking guy and that's why he's getting famous extremely fast

by Munkhbat Unurbat 4 weeks ago

Them paying money for $$$ but we just have to listen for free


by gacha UNICORN 1 month ago

I hope when he gets 10 million he starts showing signs of emotion. This is Davie: become human

by BlueyMug 3 weeks ago

this is the most LIT thing I've heard this month

by Little Kettle 1 week ago

Me: *watched video about BASS

Youtube: *shows me guitar add

Davie504: Am I a joke to you?

by Xrexal Raxzl 1 day ago

"play something sexy"

So just davie playing normally???

by David TheDuckMD 3 weeks ago

A lot of you liked the song at . This was actually my submission. I made a full song out of this on my channel! Glad you guys enjoyed it

by Shinji The Real G 1 month ago

Fiverr customers realizing they paid hundreds of dollars to get what we got on YouTube for free: ๐Ÿ˜ก

by Chris12470 3 weeks ago

Childhood reveal isnt too far off guys lets slap harder.

by Ordered Entropy 2 weeks ago

the sexy one sounded like "just the two of us"
RIP btw

by Stenli Rogov 1 week ago

Person: Do the super Mario theme song with a PICKโ€
Davie504: โ€œyeets pickโ€
OMG! 23 likes?! Iโ€™ve never had so many!

by Ava Pamparo 3 weeks ago

ahhh I see, he played the licc. Davie is indeed a man of culture.

by Cassidran 4 weeks ago

it sounds like he is saying "racist"
So im hearing i want to be a pro "racist"

by Emerald Rail 3 weeks ago

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