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Carole Baskin’s Paso – Dancing with the Stars

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Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov dance the Paso to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor on Dancing with the Stars 2020 premiere!

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Dancing With The Stars photo 1 Carole Baskin’s Paso – Dancing... Dancing With The Stars photo 2 Carole Baskin’s Paso – Dancing... Dancing With The Stars photo 3 Carole Baskin’s Paso – Dancing... Dancing With The Stars photo 4 Carole Baskin’s Paso – Dancing...

2020 definitely has a lot of interesting content.

by iBuyNewStuff 5 days ago

ok she wasn’t arrested for killing her husband but she should be arrested for this.

by Stinkboi64 3 days ago

Honestly, just throw 2020 completely away at this point.

by Heidi Heaux 2 days ago

the fact that ratings AND comments are still turned on is AMAZING!!! lol

by downshift83 5 days ago

When Grandma drinks too much wine at your wedding party, this is what happens

by tubetoprocker 4 days ago

Anyone else getting EXTREME second hand embarrassment? Kudos for trying something new, but I'm not too sure about this.

by Layna Halley 3 days ago

This dance was sinking in a septic tank just like her husband

by Dylan Perkins 4 days ago

Once they lose Dancing With The Stars her Partner goes missing.

by Jake Peralta 4 days ago

She killed one thing and it’s definitely not this dance.

by Joseph • 5 days ago

When Joe Exotic is acting up, they play this on a loop in his cell

by Amanda Wooldridge 3 days ago

They must pay these people OUTRAGEOUS money to degrade themselves like this.


I realize that she is neither young or particularly athletic but still...that was painful

by Gigi Atkins 4 days ago

She still murdered her husband. Free joe exotic

by Tyshem B 1 day ago

i'm coming here every couple of hours just to see the number of dislikes growing,

by FrankValchiria 4 days ago

She's probably got many eyes of the tiger tucked away somewhere.

by Edward Condon 1 day ago

Dude WHHATT is Joe Exotic thinkin when he hears “by the way Carole is doing dancing with the stars while you’re in prison” damn that’s gotta sting! 😬

by Darth DewIt! 4 days ago

She probably played this when she killed her husband

by Gabrielle Long 2 days ago

This is like having Charles Manson on America’s got talent

by KavaLogue 4 days ago

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