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Armed St Louis Couple Pointed Guns at Protesters After Breaking Iron Community Gate - Was It Legal?

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St Louis Couple
Armed St Louis Couple Pointed Guns at Protesters After Breaking Iron Gate - Was It Legal?
Peaceful protest or not, the protesters were trespassing..
In Missouri, Unlawfully entering someone's property or staying on their property without their permission, means you've committed the offense of trespass if the Property owners gives you notice that you can't come onto the property..
They can give this notice by installing a fence, telling the person that they can’t enter, or posting a “No Trespassing Sign”.
There was a gate with a sign that said "Private Street Access Limited to Residents" and another sign that said, "Private Street No trespassing". No one let the protesters into the neighborhood, they just opened or broke the gate and marched in, thus it’s trespassing..
As for the husband and wife, the husbands gun handling in this situation was recklessly atrocious, but he still had every right to do what he did..
Missouri is an open-carry state and he was on his property, so if he wanted to carry his rifle while standing on his property with no shoes on and a pink polo as a precaution to the protest, have at it chief, because that’s his constitutional right whether you like it or not..
His wife, however, is a different story..
There is a huge difference between carrying a firearm and pointing a firearm..
Someone in the crowd may have directly threatened her life and if you take their word for it that’s what they said happened. But it’s he said she said at this point..
Just understand, if you’re going to point your gun at someone you better be doing it because your life is in immediate danger and not just to scare and intimidate because that my friends is an assault..
Not to mention how incredibly dangerous it is to point a gun at someone while your finger is on the trigger..
I am very pro protest, because I believe the first amendment is protected by the second amendment..
In my mind, peoples homes should be off-limits. People have families, your house should be a place of peace and rest, and when you start interfering with that sanctity people get viciously defensive..
Which is ironic because the main reason these people were protesting was because their mayor put out peoples address into the public. So yeah...
Yes, 500 protesters storming your gated community after seeing how fast some of these protests, not all but some can devolve into pure chaos is scary as hell..
Long story short. Both of these two need some gun training asap. The husband had every right to do what he did as he didn’t intentionally point the gun at anyone, intentionally being the operative word and we need more facts to determine if his wife justified in pointing the gun intentionally the way she did..
And to the protesters, understand, you have a right to protest and I agree with that right, but you can’t be surprised by situations like this when you’re protesting in a gated, private community or any residential community at that..
There were 200-500 people, you may be peaceful, but there may be other people in a sea of 200-500 who are not..
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