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Everything Wrong With Knives Out In Whodunnit Minutes

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Knives Out, Rian Johnson's follow up to The Last Jedi, was a universal home run with critics, and a hit with audiences alike. Because it's f*cking rad..
But we do what we do, so we did what we do, and here is what we did...
Thursday: Animated sins AND a brand new CinemaSins intro video-bumper!!
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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I get the feeling that Cinema Sins liked this movie...

by Christian NoName 5 days ago

This might be the most praise he's ever given a movie

by Sheldon Cooper 4 days ago

The hospital calls Marta to tell her about Fran, because, as Marta stated in the waiting room scene, she left her info with the hospital. It's a small thing, but it was bugging me :)

by Cicely Henderson 5 days ago

“God this film is great! I’ll remove 5 sins”

Plot twist: he only removed 4! A fist is actually 4 fingers and a thumb! Therefore, this reinforces the idea that he sucks at math!!!

by Confuzzled Fruit 4 days ago

wait no remember in the ,movie he says " don't call me Hugh only the help calls me Hugh" which was foreshadowing, and she called him by the name he does not like

by Emmers Pickering 5 days ago

CinemaSins: “I’m removing 5 sins”
Also CinemaSins: removes 4 sins

by Reis White 5 days ago

"There is no reason to keep Marta around during the investigation," HE HAS SEEN BLOOD ON HER SHOE! He knows she is involved but knows she wouldnt hurt him on purpose and there is more to the story

by Brian Squicciarini 3 days ago

When Blanc said "Knives out", I could picture Jeremy sinning it with "Roll credits" in my head. At least I came close.

by Tamilore Akinbani 3 days ago

Can I just say the vomit on Chris Evan’s face was fricking disgusting?!

by Dylan Hansen 4 days ago

This film has convinced me Chris Evans and Daniel Craig are Oscar nom worthy actors.

by danm524 3 days ago

Chris Evans most difficult acting scene in his career : PRETENDING HE DOESNT LIKE DOGS

by Lee Westmoreland 5 days ago

Hopefully the actress who plays Marta in this movie, Ana de Armas watches this CinemaSins because they are absolutely right she does deserve an Oscar Nomination.

by Matt 5 days ago

Sin for trying to convince me Chris Evans could ever be a villain.

by QueenDiscombra 3 days ago

No....Blanc was right. At that moment, 3 of the interviewees had lied explicitly:
1) Marta about Richard’s affair
2) Richard about having an affair
3) Joni about the money wiring issue (well...her feeding off Harlan’s money)

Sooooo....that sin should be removed from the total

by Gabrielle Kelly 5 days ago

I can’t be the only one who spotted this, but 71 sins - 5 sins = 66 sins so I’m gonna have to sin you for incorrectly sinning.

by Josh Hulsey 4 days ago

This movie has the closest we’ll get to an actual evil captain America lol.

Donut hole.

by Grey World 5 days ago

The real sin is that I wanna see Chris Evans play Hydra Captain America so bad but now it’s too late.

by Li-Li Mandragon 4 days ago

"you've never heard someone pronoun game about themselves before" sir have you never seen a new hope. "of course I know him! he's me!"

by Blanca Berger Sollod 5 days ago

In my mind she was staring with hunger when he was talking about donut holes. Like me.

Now I want donut holes.

by Alarec Scarbrow 5 days ago

I love how he knows this movie is good. Like he was almost scared to criticise it.

by Cory The Cloud 3 days ago

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