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James Charles did my makeup! | Charli D'Amelio

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hi angels!
i first want to say that i hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. none of us can control what the future holds but each of us can do our best to spread positivity. don’t forget to take care of yourself, keep your body moving, wash your hands but also stay in contact with your friends and family online as often as you can so you can be mentally healthy, too. we need each other now more than ever. i love you all so much.
now on to the video…..
it’s been a long time coming but finally, my 'sister' james charles and i did our very first collab together and it was so awesome! i’m excited to share it with you guys!!
my video is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our collab including going to his house, meeting his dog and seeing how the magic happens on his channel. don’t miss how i reveal my new, total glam look to my parents at the end. do they love it or hate it? (you’ll have to watch to find out!).
In james’ video, he does my make-up and along the way, he asks me a bunch of super fun and interesting questions that i’ve never answered before. It’s ‘classic james charles’ at his best..
check out the link to james’ video here: https://youtu.be/J5wqeUewAXk
special thank you’s to james and his amazing team including louis and jake and to my clip’s videographers lance and jacob!.
follow james charles, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamescharles
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charli d'amelio photo 1 James Charles did my makeup!... charli d'amelio photo 2 James Charles did my makeup!... charli d'amelio photo 3 James Charles did my makeup!... charli d'amelio photo 4 James Charles did my makeup!...

charli: talks like she’s in a class

by Aqqqua Ness 1 month ago

James like hes talking to a whole 200 people
Charli talking like shes in a library talking to her friend a

by itsMehDaPatato 3 weeks ago

Me: having to turn the volume all the way up when Charlie’s speaking and then having to turn it right back down when James’s screams HEY SISTERS!!!

by Gracie Stevens 1 month ago

Charli: me is quiet
Me: turns up volume

by Amia Flames 1 month ago

Charli: has one sister
James Charles: "hold my palette"

by TheJack 3 weeks ago

James should name his pup “little sister” 😂😂😂😂

Edit: OMG thanks for all these likes!

by Molly Zilge 1 month ago

charli: yeah i have 1 sister

james: i hAvE 16 mIlLiOn sIsTeRs

by jasmine telan 3 weeks ago

James seems like the type of friend that you would talk for hours about everything and still not get bored

by Hufflepuff Girl 2 months ago

Charli is so like shy in her voice and james is like "*HEY SISTERS*" Charli would say "hEy siStErS"

by Pika Rozman 2 days ago

If you think she is pretty with or without makeup let her know by giving this comment a thumbs up!!!

by Amelia Ashby 1 month ago

How is charli such a lil bean SHES SO INNOCENT AND SWEET

by Xxacquiva xX 3 days ago

No one:
Charli" d0n't be ShY put s0mE mOre"

by Itz Me Diana 1 week ago

James: *Talks loud*
Charli: *talks like she is in a library*

by Lovely Pinkly 3 months ago

Charli’s personality is just so soft and humble and soo real 🥺✊🏽she deserves all the loveeeee in the world

by Jou 1 month ago

Me turning up cause I can’t hear charli.. James: HEY SISTERSSSS!!! Me: AHHHHH

by annie l 1 week ago

I love how James is just screaming and Charlie is like whispering

by Elza Grenina 2 weeks ago

Charli: has one sister

James: “hold my catch phrase”

by pixalz 3 weeks ago

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