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Defending Your Home Against an Angry Mob

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Mickey comments on footage of an armed couple confronting an angry mob outside their home today in St. Louis, Missouri. While we don't know all the details of this confrontation with the protesters, we can share many tips for home protection.
Defending The Homestead | Higher Line Podcast #41
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David Dorn got murdered by โ€œpeaceful protesters โ€œ.

by alreadythen1 2 months ago

Ever been asked why you โ€˜needโ€™ a semi-auto rifle with a 30 round magazine? Here ya go...

by Banshee365 2 months ago

They called police and security. NO ONE CAME! They stood up to tyranny. Legally.

by Tommy Allen 2 months ago

Iโ€™m gonna go on a limb and say that his and his wife lives matter to them?

by Ed Toro 2 months ago

That couple did what anyone would do when threatened by an angry mob trying to kill your dog and set your home on fire . That's my opinion

by John Garcez 2 months ago

The only thing they did wrong is that they didnโ€™t have a shitload of neighbors backing them up.

by Dennis Goebelt 2 months ago

We CANNOT rely on Police or the Government to protect us - It's up to individuals. ๐Ÿ’ช

by Jonny Zye 2 months ago

This vid is useless while the St Louis couple are real folk heroes.

by utube321piotr 2 months ago

the police refused to come... so they went out to defend their home

by Raven Moonbow 2 months ago

DUde, they did call police, And their private community Security. there was no response.

by 6'2Saki 2 months ago

That couple has done more than 99.9% of the so called patriots. . .

by Concerned Citizen 2 months ago

Do you need an AR-15 and many 30 round magazine.. uuum yes .

by LIVE FREE 2 months ago

You lost me at call the police. The police watched businesses burn to the ground. Itโ€™s UP TO YOU to defend yourself and your property people.

by HURT 1 2 months ago

911 operator: What's the emergency
Couple: Yeah, we have a mob 3 hundred strong marching through our property threatening to kill me, my wife, my dog and burn down my house. Please send a unit.
911 operator: Ok, sir. Even if you're serious, we're not gonna send anybody against 300 people. Have a nice day.

by Mark Rai 2 months ago

It could of been avoided if the protesters would of stayed on the other side of the gate that had private property posted on it

by Jacob l 2 months ago

What the hell is this guy saying. Stay inside ? Hells no they come down my street Iโ€™m coming out the same way but more. This guy doesnโ€™t know what heโ€™s talking about. That couple stood there ground and the mob left. Mission Complete!!!!!!

by T Bone 2 months ago

Don't dare threaten my dog. I felt that John Wick under reacted...

by Tactical Trumpet 2 months ago

I have a sign on my gate that says: โ€œBE ADVISED This home and property are owned by a United States Marine. If you can read this sign, you have been in range for 100 yards so please act accordingly.โ€ We don't get many visitors we don't know.

by Montana Marine 2 months ago

They broke through a metal gate and entered on private property making threats to the family. They were legally allowed to shoot them in that state.

by Letholdus Aurelius 2 months ago

That couple was not trying to be a bad ass... I'm sure they were scared shirtless....and being in that position... They were home...??????

by Tammy Bettiga 2 months ago

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