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I Had a Date at a WATER PARK with Preston!

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I Had a Date at a WATER PARK with Preston! with Brianna ๐Ÿ‘Š
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Brianna photo 1 I Had a Date at... Brianna photo 2 I Had a Date at... Brianna photo 3 I Had a Date at... Brianna photo 4 I Had a Date at...

For every rose petal you see on the ground leave a likeโ€

Me: likeing and unliking over and over AGIAN!*

by Elaina Playz 18 hours ago

Preston: WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS DEATH ROSE brianna: i will Add: grandma just forgive grandpa look he brought you some rose :) Me: LOL JUST A COINCIDENCE

by doliio volay 1 day ago

Your so lucky I didnโ€™t get to go somewhere I can swim for the whole summer I think I have gotten crazy xd

by ?????? 1 day ago

This is how many people love water parks!

by Lillian Corliss 6 days ago

This is so cool i wish i could rent a whole water park

by Xgacha_wolfieX 6 days ago

Bri and preston are so cute I hope I get pinned I will never get pinned

by brennan Tavares 1 week ago

bri: its not funny
Me: IT IS (while dying in laughter)

by Kitty_Playz 1 day ago

let me just say what needs to be said
NEVER mention exes or kisses in a p-
ast relationship. also, NEVER RUIN A GIRLS MAKEUP.

by Keelyduhhh 1 day ago

bri is so lucky to have such an amazing husband like preston

by Cookie Monster 1 day ago

Briโ€™s hair looks like elsaโ€™s hair from frozen 2

by ALYSSA ORTEGA 1 week ago

When u put the question marks when Brianna was singing it was called the chicken wing beat

by soinu foig 1 day ago

Unspeakable James and gabe I think went there

by Eamon G 2 days ago

to all the single people out there: dont worry you will find someone someday but always remember to love someone just love yourself first

me telling ppl that yet im as single as a pringle. not even a pringle im still a potato xD

by Kimberly Ma 2 days ago

Bri: Date = 5 and a half/10 Me: I would give it a 7 tbh because water is the best (as in waterparks/waterslides) but not da soda (Even tho im a fan and rating it i srill can say an opinion)

by David Freethy 1 day ago

This is unspeakables same water park he used in his vid

by Megan H 1 week ago

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