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Brent Rivera photo 1 SURPRISING MY SISTER AND HER... Brent Rivera photo 2 SURPRISING MY SISTER AND HER... Brent Rivera photo 3 SURPRISING MY SISTER AND HER... Brent Rivera photo 4 SURPRISING MY SISTER AND HER...

I’m surprised that Brent didn’t take out his famous broom.

by Paul Moore 2 weeks ago

Is no one going to talk about how Ben just agreed to go to Brent’s house in a suit

by Taylor West 1 week ago

I thougth that he will say:
- The Prom Queen is... MAASOOONNN.

by Natusaurio Walter 1 week ago

Brent is always doing nice things for his friends .He's so kind.😁

by Roshnee Bobby 2 weeks ago

Dude, you know Brent is bored when he starts doing nice things for Ben and Lexi and stuff and especially letting them be together. I guess that boredom has some of its benefits hehe.

by Mimi 1 month ago

When the were dancing
Me : stuck in cringe position
Also me: help me

by Mustalipro 102 1 day ago

Doesn't matter how overprotective Brent is, he is a brother after all. He wants Lexi to be happy.

by AYLİN AKPINAR 2 weeks ago

Mark is having a bad time like if you feel bad for him

by Daisy Keane 2 days ago

You should’ve said
“And the prom king goes to......Mason!”

by Fundud 1 week ago

I'm literally SO surprised that Brent didn't make him self prom king as a joke 😂

by jellie bean 1 month ago

Brent: I’ve been kinda bored during this quarantine “stay home thing”
Also Brent: Invites all his friends over

by LifeAsAeris 5 days ago

Shame on the Riveras for not taking quarantine seriously! Boooo!

by Madeline Sikes 2 days ago

Brents videos and his family’s are the only thing that cheers me up in this time I love how he tortures he’s friends but they do nice things for him this is the only time in a video he does something nice to Ben and Lexi 🤣

by Lily Houssarini 2 weeks ago

Who else is bored right now but are saved bc of youtube💞 😜


by Lise Skillestad 1 month ago

Brent is literally one of the nicest people I know. Like he is literally making the best out of this situation and turning it into fun and games. I wish everyone one could have an amazing quarantine just like the one he is giving to his family and friends. ( even if it means scaring them a little 😁)

by Lyric Brewington 1 week ago

Brent: I’m so bored of this quarantine thing
Also Brent: has a friend round every video

by ItzjustTJ 3 weeks ago

Me:gets jealous because of Neighbors playing in the pool my mom: sorry you can’t go in their pool me: why my mom: BECAUSE THE CRONANA VIRIS

by Nicole King 1 week ago

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