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LIVE Stock Market Today - Gilead Mega Merger? [Invest in Stocks] Jun 9, 2020

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Mega merger? AstraZeneca Plc and Gilead Sciences Inc., the two most prominent drugmakers in the sickness outbreak, are looking into the possibility of pursuing a merger, according to people familiar with the matter. While a deal may make sense in theory -- combining AstraZeneca's strong drug pipeline with Gilead's better financial position -- formal talks have yet to begin for what would be the largest ever for the health-care industry..
Stock Market Today and stocks technical analysis review for Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Today, we discuss the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average.
0:00 Intro, Micro Dip, Justin exits some of his positions
1:25 GILD, Astra Zeneca potential merger?
2:20 Finviz heat map
3:20 NKLA Nikola stock chart, options flow analysis
4:20 GRUB Grubhub stock chart, price upgrade
5:00 SOLO and NIO big moves on the day
5:25 AMD, PTON, CRSP, PZZA stock charts
5:50 HTZ, JCP, IMRN stock chart reviews
6:30 SPY SP500 technical analysis
8:05 SPY SP500 options flow review
10:00 VIX, TLT, XAU/USD review
10:50 Bull/Bear list review
10:55 TSLA Tesla technical analysis
12:00 NYT New York Times stock review
12:20 OCX, watch list scan
13:10 BA Boeing aircraft cancellations
14:40 DIS compared to ROKU, NFLX, Justin's observations
16:20 BABA, MSFT added to bull list
17:30 NKLA, BYND, SDC added to bear list
19:25 AC.TO Air Canada stock chart review
20:30 AMD Advanced Micro Devices stock chart
24:00 SAVE Spirit air stock chart
24:50 NKLA is pure FOMO town right now
25:00 DKNG Draft kings stock chart
27:00 AAL American Airlines stock price
29:40 CCL Carnival Cruise stock price
29:00 How to find info on dark pools, hint:google
30:00 We likely won't see 300 anytime soon on SPY SP500
36:20 Final wrap up, economic data tomorrow
Daily stock market news update with a focus on the S&P 500 Index, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq, tech stocks, and momentum stocks. We utilize price and volume analysis, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. #invest #sp500 #stocks
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by Blaze Capital 1 month ago

love your insight and analyses man! You're on top of it

by Michael Paul 1 month ago

Justin - Amazing - Love you guys, Man - THANK YOU!!

by Associate Forum 1 month ago

Does.any one have a clue wats.cracking with.DUO it ran 3x came back Down I guys think its the first ? Earnings !

by Gio Fabricio 1 month ago

Top quality streams guys. 👍

by Max Calder 1 month ago

awesome program. i always get a good laugh with your sense of humor! keep up the good work.

by Emilio Perez 1 month ago

I'm in Baba and microsoft calls

by Dan Piedra 1 month ago

AAPL put credit spreads ×10 @ 332.5/327.5 exp 06/12 bought mon afternoon up 1,440$ will probably close around tomorrow before fed opens their big mouth an NYC firms go to lunch.....gimme your stimulus people lol

by Cameron Graff 1 month ago

Justin do you ever look at the very last high volume tick of the day which can appear 1 second before or after the close of the day, and evaluate the exact printed price along with volume and if that tick closed on an up tick or down tick (bullish/bearish sentiment in the final high volume purchase)
and then use that information to create a level to watch for and decide if you are bearish/bullish the following day as that previous tick gets tested. point being to see if that tick closes bearish or bullish, which will not be displayed in the 1 minute candle color. this is not the same thing. you can get a red last minute of the day candle on high volume, but the major tick in that candle can be a bullish high volume tick where hundreds of thousands to millions of shares are traded on the Ask not on the Bid showing bullish even though that same one minute candle is in fact red. it can be misleading is my point. so seeing the tick gives you an unfair advantage.
that is my reasoning. does your algo ever do that? do you personally ever do that?

by Daniel Manahan 1 month ago

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