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St. Louis Couple GUNS Taken! Activist Prosecutor Involved?

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Remember the McCloskeys? The married couple in St. Louis who were simply defending their life and property when a mob of BLM "protesters" decided to crash the gate of their private street? Well, two of their guns were taken away by police who had a warrant... (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: https://bit.ly/3exMheh)
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Anthony Brian Logan photo 1 St. Louis Couple GUNS Taken!... Anthony Brian Logan photo 2 St. Louis Couple GUNS Taken!... Anthony Brian Logan photo 3 St. Louis Couple GUNS Taken!... Anthony Brian Logan photo 4 St. Louis Couple GUNS Taken!...

Remember kids, you can vote your way into communism. But you have to shoot your way out. Safeguard your guns.

by Richard K 3 weeks ago

I've heard of guns being taken for various reasons in similar situations, but not very often. In this case, I 100% believe it's political and absolute BS.

by Ryan Richey 3 weeks ago

I hope this all backfires on Kimberly garner and she's relieved from her position

by BOSS HOGG 3 weeks ago

Remember kids:
Defending your life or property while being white = Racism.

by Ethan 3 weeks ago

Where the innocent law-abiding citizens are treated like criminals and the actual criminals treated like good people.

by Moonshadow 91 3 weeks ago

I hope this guy sues the hell of that DA. This is clearly a political move and I hope they win a lawsuit against her

by cman weavster 3 weeks ago


by Linda Smith 3 weeks ago

It is mind boggling that Americans can’t feel safe in their own homes, their own country

by N B 3 weeks ago

Watch BLM go back now that they know the couple isn’t armed.

by TehXygen 3 weeks ago

ABL: "Don't worry about how many guns I have. Don't worry about that." 😂🤣 I literally almost spit out my coffee...

by Sasha0406 3 weeks ago

This was an unconstitutional infringement of their Second Amendment rights.

by Lisa Tosca 3 weeks ago

This just let’s these terrorists know they have more rights than us!

by C H 3 weeks ago

But this whole seizing the couple's guns and charging them seems like tyranny at one of the highest levels we've seen in recent history, same with the pregnant woman being surrounded and being berated hi the mother and daughter Duo.......

by lonetrader1 3 weeks ago

I hope they sue the living hell out of the prosecutor and St Louis until the city is broke.

by stripmin41 3 weeks ago

This won’t stand, and I hope that this couple goes after the DA for everything she has.

by Cheap Shot 3 weeks ago

It's a disgrace when you can't protect your home from an angry mob

by WARDE2000 3 weeks ago

Every day I wake up I find myself in more of a bizarre world than the day before, this lunacy never seems to end.

by Tm Bruno 3 weeks ago

SJW gal: Why do you need so many guns?
Me: Why do you need so many shoes??

by The Mann 3 weeks ago

They have there right to protect themselves the da office is taking it personal she needs to be removed charges dropped weapons returned

by iamin youout 3 weeks ago

The moment the trespassers/rioters/mob threatened their dog. It's John Wick time.

by Pwince 3 weeks ago

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