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6LACK ft. Lil Baby - Know My Rights (Official Music Video)

6LACK - 6 PC Hot EP is out now: https://lvrn.lnk.to/6pcHot/
Directed by JMP ualreadyknowJMP
DP - Mike Koziel
Producer - Jiorgi Miller
1st AC - Bruna Valor
2nd AC - Leonard Nguyen
PA - Will Sitton
Edit - Chaz Smedley & JMP
Color - Mike Koziel & JMP
Cars- Pink Flamingo
Additional Footage - Cristian Bernal
Production Company - JMP VISUALS LLC
Follow 6LACK, https://www.instagram.com/6lack
#6LACK #KnowMyRights #6PCHOT #LVRN

6LACK photo 1 6LACK ft. Lil Baby -... 6LACK photo 2 6LACK ft. Lil Baby -... 6LACK photo 3 6LACK ft. Lil Baby -... 6LACK photo 4 6LACK ft. Lil Baby -...

Lil Baby is everywhere.
Well, there's nothing wrong with that.

by Bille 2 weeks ago

There are 3 certain things in life;
1. Tax
2. Death
3. Ft Lil Baby

by Sauce 2 weeks ago

i dont know ya'll.. these days 6LACK is killing it with his music!

by Jenna Brinkman 1 week ago

This the type of songs that not even TIkTOK can ruin

by AZISHOT 2 weeks ago

This the type of song that hits different in the whip

by Mr Cloud HD 2 days ago

Everybody talking about Lil Baby don’t get me wrong he hasn’t missed all year but 6lack went crazy good on this too his flow so fresh 🔥🔥

by Martin Vasquez 1 week ago

Everyone talking about Lil Baby when 6lack is the only person I came to see.

by Chris North 1 week ago

Nothing’s More Legendary Then A Musician’s Voice Being In The Video But Not Them.

by Gehazel Muse 1 week ago

6Lack is so confident that he doesn't stress when killing this hook

by osman said Kamara 2 weeks ago

Lil baby ain't even in the video, but the comments already flooding with his name,🐐 already?!

by Davies Casey 1 week ago

6lack: I just got off the plane from Ghana
Me in Ghana: Opportunity wasted

by Gabi Trendz 5 days ago

Who else is scrolling down the comments whille listning to the song😂.

by the ant reporter 2 weeks ago

6lack, his voice, you can’t even describe the vibes 🙌

by Ma Bel 2 weeks ago

This is why I love hip hop music we are some of the most the coolest, talented ppl in the world it's no wonder we are targeted!

by Essie Parks 1 day ago

Lil baby say it’s his turn but y’all sleep on my boy 6black... he open saying he the only rapper that don’t have groupies ... ❤️❤️ this guy !

by Miss DT 1 week ago

lol I know this is a small detail but the fact that 6LACK is wearing his face mask is perfect.

by Ahmed Gafar 1 week ago

one of the most underrated rappers in the game rn

by Joshua Gomes 2 weeks ago

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