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Search warrant for St. Louis couple who waved guns at protesters

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Authorities executed a search warrant at the St. Louis mansion of a white couple whose armed defense of their home during a recent racial injustice protest drew widespread attention, their attorney confirmed Saturday. Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who are personal injury lawyers, were caught on video brandishing guns as demonstrators walked past their Renaissance palazzo-style home on June 28 while headed to protest outside of the mayor's home nearby. The video showed Mark McCloskey, 61, wielding a long-barreled gun and Patricia McCloskey, 63 standing next to him waving a handgun.
READ MORE: https://6abc.com/society/police-execute-search-warrant-at-home-of-gun-toting-couple/6313037/

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6abc Philadelphia photo 1 Search warrant for St. Louis... 6abc Philadelphia photo 2 Search warrant for St. Louis... 6abc Philadelphia photo 3 Search warrant for St. Louis... 6abc Philadelphia photo 4 Search warrant for St. Louis...

the same prosecutor who dropped charges against violent rioters wants to arrest this couple for defending their property. she clearly needs to be removed from her position of power.

by Mr. Versace 3 weeks ago

The lefties are unstoppable... unfortunately for them, there are plenty of guns...

by Mauro Ariel Alegre 3 weeks ago

Private property keep out. The police did not respond because the leaders are afraid of the mob. This couple is the bee's knees!

by Samuel Kachel 3 weeks ago

The BML people can destroy everything , but homeowners can’t protect themselves? UNBELIEVABLE

by Elmer250 3 weeks ago

On a side note and off the topic...now I can see the difference between a home that cost 1.37 million in St. Louis vs a home that cost 1.37 million in CA. Holy crap like night and day:). The title of this video should read "Search warrant for St. Louis couple who protected their home from trespassing rioters"

by cobramanphil 3 weeks ago

These rioters threaten their lives. They had no business on private property. I think they did the right thing. Right to bear arms and protect yourself. Are you stupid channel 6 news.

by Sam La 3 weeks ago

And it is a damn shame and travesty that they are being treated like criminals for defending themselves and their property. A damn shame

by jeremy tibbs 3 weeks ago

We no longer live in a free society when they can come and confiscate your guns for protecting your property. Tyranny at it's best.

by Robert Hesse 3 weeks ago

Welcome to mob rule and morality policing. The left have decimated the constitution. Goodbye due process. The DA is named Kim Gardner, I hope a protest is organized to go to her house.

by Julius Caesar 3 weeks ago

So you do not have the right to defend yourself when intruders break down your front gate?

by mikael englund 3 weeks ago

Wave guns the problem with the main stream media they got it wrong they was in their private property protecting their private property from all these people who torn down a private gate and trespassed in a private neighborhood

by Where's Waldo 3 weeks ago

America the beautiful is under attack by global communist. Things are not looking good!
Court are mostly against us
DAs against
Police in forcing unlawful orders
I believe the globalist are already planted in this country by Soros and company and haven’t yet pulled their little puppet strings.
I will not ask permission from this government for my freedoms.

by P W 3 weeks ago

As a news agency it is intellectually dishonest and misleading to suggest that the angry mob were merely “demonstrators [who] walked past” when the owner’s gate had been broken down earlier and threats were made towards them.

Also spinning it as the couple were “caught on camera” is also indicative of strong bias, unworthy of a supposed journalistic channel.

by R. Ahern 3 weeks ago

A divided country spinning out of control.
Brace yourself, it will only get worse.😔

by Eugene 3 weeks ago

They broke into the property, that's not peaceful. All are lucky they didn't get shot

by reed rooster 3 weeks ago

Next time unload the clip

by wex rex 3 weeks ago

Outrageous! Justice for the McCloskey's NOW! Support Law Enforcement! Down With Communism and DemoKOOK Pandering! 🇺🇲👏🥳🗽

by Roger Wabbit 3 weeks ago

I re-watched the video...Mr. Hair with a suit at :41 of the video. He is on front lawn of the home owners. That is their private property in case anyone wants to argue communal property vs private property (doesn't really matter by law though):)

by cobramanphil 3 weeks ago

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