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Inside the secret lair of prime suspect in Madeleine McCann's disappearance | 60 Minutes Australia

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The disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann has been a heart-breaking mystery. For 13 years, ever since she went missing on a family holiday in Portugal, her beautiful face has haunted the world. In that time her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann have never stopped searching for answers about their daughter. Theyโ€™ve also never stopped hoping she's still alive. Now there is news, but it's not good. German prosecutors say they know Maddie is dead and they have the prime suspect, a known sex offender, in their sights. On 60 MINUTES, Liz Hayes reports on the depraved world of 43-year-old Christian Bruckner. Her story includes the first pictures from inside his secret lair, as well as comprehensive analysis of the investigation to ensure justice for Madeleine McCann.
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For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the worldโ€™s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Tom Steinfort, Tara Brown, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

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