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Shawn Springs trashes Quinton Dunbar, Josh Norman

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Shawn Springs says Quinton Dunbar was a 'below average' corner in Washington and the Redskins' decision to trade him was justified (0:00). Because of Josh Norman's poor play, Dunbar looked better than he was (1:09). Springs likes the Kendall Fuller addition (2:22). Why he's so high on second-year corner Jimmy Moreland (4:52). He also reacts to the Kyle Allen trade, saying it could easily lead to a QB controversy in DC (5:25). He also provides on update on Dwayne Haskins and his workout regimen. Springs and Haskins have a close relationship (6:28). Springs wished the Redskins could find a way to keep Trent Williams, despite him wanting out of Washington (7:58).
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1067TheFan photo 1 Shawn Springs trashes Quinton Dunbar,... 1067TheFan photo 2 Shawn Springs trashes Quinton Dunbar,... 1067TheFan photo 3 Shawn Springs trashes Quinton Dunbar,... 1067TheFan photo 4 Shawn Springs trashes Quinton Dunbar,...

Absolutely love Springs and miss him as our CB1. Which we could get some guys like him again

by GraV 3 weeks ago

Dunbar showed incredible lack of judgement going on social media with his complaints while a new coach is settling in. This is like telling your bros about your fight with your girlfriend...a dumazz rookie move.

by ngoma 3 weeks ago

This show is basically 4 clueless fans who bring people on to try and prove each of their individual points/thinking is right.

by N 3 weeks ago

Pro football focus had swearinger rated 2nd best safety in league at one point . Pff is a good stat tool but itโ€™s definitely not the gospel when it comes to evaluating players . Only way to do that is film study !

by Steve Mcking 3 weeks ago

I disagree with springs Dunbar when healthy consistently made plays and giving him up for 5th round pick was a bad call

by Mac1406 3 weeks ago

Very good interview. Springs give a good insight.

by Brian W 3 weeks ago

Dunbar was the best db in the skins but the bar was extremely low. He never locked down a top wr

by Upside down 3 weeks ago

Exactly Goodbye Bro!!! Same with Trent Williams too!!!!

by Numbah -6 3 weeks ago

Football just not the same anymore
Let's just face it.
It's like moven cattle

by God King 3 weeks ago

Audio not breakin up as much as usual๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

by CashCronicles 3 weeks ago

All of the Washington Redskins Corners have very poor Trail technique I noticed that especially Josh Norman has very poor trail technique.

by Ronald Townsend 3 weeks ago

I bet all you skins fans werenโ€™t saying all that about Dunbar when he was making plays for yaull donโ€™t be salty

by 12th Man Stand Up 3 weeks ago

Dunbar thought he was making Trent Williams Money lmao

by William Carter 3 weeks ago

We need to get Logan Ryan ASAP!!

by Neto_Videos 3 weeks ago

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